Smarter digital business cards.

With wow-factor design, rich enterprise-grade features, and stringent data privacy, Smartcards are the number 1 digital business card for wealth and asset management.
$ 48 
/ per user per year
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Showcase links to your Smartcard when in meetings, on email signatures, and in presentations via QR code or unique weblink.

Use a bespoke designed physical 'tap' card, Apple or Google Wallet QR code or QR code widget when you meet people .

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The professional's choice.

Smartcards are your tools for the new sales era, combining cutting edge technology with robust security and technology architecture.

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Built for Enterprise.

Top data security and privacy

Unlike retail digital business card offerings, every client organisation that GoUpscale works with, has data segregation from other client organisations. There is no data co-mingling between our clients.

Strict regulatory compliance

We provide flexible options for customer data privacy acceptance and editable legal disclaimers to meet GDPR and other local data regulations.  We adhere to the most stringent financial industry regulation on data segregation and provide cloud data domicile flexibility.

Extensive management features

With our web dashboard, your team has a wide range of centrally controlled features: from real-time user setup and permissioning, to flexible control of both content showcased and user editable fields, as well as insightful analytics on users and their usage.

High end, professional branding

We recognise the importance of setting the right tone with digital business cards. No cheap design templates here. From bespoke designed physical cards, to configurable well branded digital card landing pages, make sure your team is giving the right brand message every time.

Integrations and support

With integrations available to hundreds of CRM and other software applications, Smartcards are a powerful sales tool in your tech stack. Every account comes with dedicated customer support that makes onboarding fast and painless, and ongoing troubleshooting support always on-hand.

A small card with a big punch!

Tap to connect
Share files
Build contacts
Build personas

Pricing plans.

Starting from
per user per year
A light-touch solution
QR’s per user, NFC cards are extra
Centrally managed, no user editability
Minimum 10 users, and 1 Team user
Starting from
per user per year
Powerful sales tools included
Media library for team collaboration
Contact library & address book sync
File sharing & rich interaction tracking

Discover all features.

Price per user, per year (billed annually upfront)
Up to 25 users
Over 25 users
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Minimum users
Not required
Data privacy
Your organisation's data is separate from any other organisation
No personally identifiable information is accessible by anyone outside your organisation
GPPR, PDPA, CCPA, DSGVO acceptance and legal disclaimer management
Personal business card
Branded, personal digital business card web page
Apple and Google Wallet files linking to personal business card are generated per user
QR codes linking to personal business card are generated per user and are extractable
Offline mode QR code scanning
Communication channel integration. Wide range of channels are accepted
Showcase files and web-pages
File size restriction of showcase files
No limit
User management capabilities
User access levels
User self-editing of personal digital business card page via mobile app
Admin user immediate activitation / deactivation of other users
Admin user bulk and individual physical card programming
Admin bulk and individual editing of user business cards
Admin user bulk and individual user import / export
Admin user management of showcase files across individual users, team and branches (with Smarthub upgrade)
Branding management capabilities
High detail company specific branding
Configurable branding palette, logos, icons and background images
Reporting capabilities
User and file activity analytics
API integrations to 100s of CRM and third party software (pre-approved list available)
Dedicated customer success manager
Choose quantity

Switching to the Smartcard was a game-changer for me. With a simple tap, I effortlessly exchanged my contact details, LinkedIn profile, and even a personalized pitch. No more fumbling with traditional cards or worrying about outdated information. This cutting-edge solution showcases my tech-savvy approach and always leaves a lasting impression. A must-have for any modern professional!

John Shoemaker, Attourney

Swapping out paper cards for a Smartcard didn't just help us cut down our carbon footprint and ramp up our ESG initiative - it also gave us a much more powerful networking tool

Bryan Henning, SVP & Head of International

Proudly powering over 75 companies globally.

Powering smarter organisations the world over.

From Global Private Banks, to Trust Solution Providers and Life Insurers, Smartcards are helping our clients build more engaging relationships from the first hello.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a digital business card?

A branded and personalised web page that provides recipients with information about you, ways to contact you immediately, save your contact details quickly into their address book, read and watch your sales presentations. They can be accessed via a weblink that can be sent in any digital communication and via QR code, saved in your Apple or Google Wallet, and can be triggered by physical NFC card or even the tap of the phone via phone emulation (Android only).

What’s the difference between Smartcards and other solutions?

Smartcards are the leading digital business card solution for enterprise level organisations and those operating in regulated industries such as finance. Smartcards have rich branding capabilities and deeper management functions of users, content and features as have been requested by our clients since day 1, given the strict industries that some work in. Smartcards adhere to strict data compliance with data segregation per organisation and data regulation acceptance functionality. Customer support is provided as standard at all levels of pricing plan and given GoUpscale’s larger sales engagement software offering our customers can access deeper sales technology solutions at any time.

Why is data privacy important?

It is not only important - it is a regulatory necessity in some industries and jurisdictions. Knowing that your data and that of your contacts is neither pooled with other companies, nor even accessible by GoUpscale are critical characteristics of Smartcards ensuring no unwanted data leakage and full compliance with data protection laws such as GDPR.

Do I need a physical card?

We can design you bespoke physical cards which use NFC technology so that you can tap them against the mobile phones of people you meet and achieve an extra wow-factor. However physical cards are not compulsory. The URL and QR code features are included as standard including saving to your Wallet.

What sort of businesses buy Smartcards?

We work with businesses very large and small. They are typically in the wealth and asset management, insurance, professional service, and real estate industries but that is quickly growing wider as the applicability is across many sales related sectors.

Why are digital business cards important?

They help companies go paperless by eliminating tremendously wasteful paper business cards.They drive a lot more immediate engagement between Smartcard holder and recipient, with ways for communication to start on a digital channel immediately, allow for showcasing of sales material and leave a wow-factor and memorability that goes well beyond handing over a traditional paper card.

What does data segregation mean for digital business cards?

It means the data that you hold when you use Smartcards such as the data of your contacts, is maintained in a ring-fenced cloud environment just for your organisation. It means your data is never co-mingled with other organisation’s data.

Do you create QR codes?

Yes every user has a system generated QR code with your organisation’s logo in the middle. Depending on the pricing plan, this can either be accessed by the user very quickly on their mobile app, and also extracted from the software for any purpose you wish such as applying to marketing collateral. QR codes direct recipients to the user’s personal business card page.

How can I see more before buying?

We would be delighted to show you a real-time video of our capabilities. Simply book a demonstration with us via this link.

What else does GoUpscale offer?

We are a software business specialising in sales engagement solutions. Digital business cards are just one solution that unlock a world of other capabilities; from a design studio that makes sales material more engaging to your audience, to sales enablement software that manages all your sales material in one digital catalogue; to sales engagement software that transforms the way you send information to clients; to rich sales management capabilities including insights into genuine team activity.

Go paperless.

Get Smartcards.

Unleash your teams with smarter digital business cards and unlock a wealth of sales and engagement capabilities

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