A smarter way for sales teams to access content.

Smarthub software activates your teams around a content catalogue that puts information right at their fingertips, and captures rich content engagement analytics.

Proudly powering over 75 companies globally.

The Smarthub solution.

A home for information

No more sales frictions from ‘I can’t find what I’m looking for’ in file and folder black holes or in crowded email inboxes.

Activate sales around content and stories

Motivate and inform your sales teams with more engaging notifications of new content published and prompt them with story-telling suggestions.

Capture content engagement analytics

Give sales teams all the interaction data they need to optimise their client engagement and give your content creators the data they need to produce material that will perform.

Measure genuine team activity

Cut out time-consuming manual reporting of team activity and see exactly what your team have been doing, then use the data to reconcile performance and spot issues before they escalate.

Want something like this?

Put content at the heart of sales.

A digital catalogue to visually store your content

Find what you need quickly and easily across topics, themes and files, then see information like descriptions, scripts, restrictions and key facts in one place, on one screen. With version control and brand guideline configurability, your teams will always have the latest at their fingertips.

Smarter content upload

No more manual uploading. Build your catalogue with a fast entry of new products, news, research or internal content via email, drag and drop or a connected feed. AI powered content scanning enables automated enrichment of the catalogue without all the typing!

Intelligent story-telling makes for better selling

Sales users no longer need to manually find stories to help their sales conversations. Instead AI powered story-telling matches products with relevant research and articles so that everything they need to better engage their clients is on one screen, to be sent with a few clicks.

Accessible and searchable via a mobile and desktop app

Sales isn’t just performed at a desk these days. You understand the pain of finding information, composing long emails and attaching files from a mobile device. The good news for sales teams is you can avoid these frictions - Smarthub is as powerful on mobile as it is on desktop.

Capture rich content engagement analytics

Smarthub is your control tower for content engagement. Gain a 360 degree view of your content in terms of both internal activation and external engagement. Use rich analytics to optimise your outreach strategy and content creation.

Best in-class data privacy and security

GoUpscale’s software is built for the highly regulated financial industry and as such features data security standards expected by a private bank, and data privacy controls that prevent any co-mingling of data between clients.

Smarthub pricing

Offer to all your sales users and collaborate around a content catalogue. Or use for a specific team like product and marketing, to keep an easy to access, golden source of highly accessible collateral.
per user/per month

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Successful sales is no longer just about product and brand - it also hinges on the client experience. In today’s digital world, engagement strategy is a critical part of the modern sales process and determines whether the audience pay attention or pass you by. Learn more about the benefits of sales engagement and how to build your strategy.

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It’s even more powerful with these upgrades...

Stand out from the crowd

with Design Studio

From $95per project
Cost-effective design solutions that will put your sales and marketing efforts ahead of the competition.
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Send more engaging content to your clients, with more visibility

with Smartshare

$48per user/per year
No more long emails with boring PDF attachments that can't even be viewed on a mobile. Now you can send branded digital experiences with rich data on interactions.
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Put engaging content at the

heart of your sales process

Smarthub gives your teams sales information and stories. Quick time!

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