E-book: Smart ways to scale

Learn how independent wealth managers can harness the latest sales and content engagement tech to scale efficiently.

Independent wealth management is at a crossroads. Most firms will always have a human-led approach with relationship managers playing a pivotal role in engaging end clients.

But client behaviours, the way they consume content and the ways they engage with brands have all changed at a pace that most wealth managers have struggled to keep up with.

In this e-book we explore the challenges faced in wealth management alongside tech-driven strategies to drive revenue by efficiently engaging modern audiences:

  • Independent wealth management today - why is it so hard to scale?
  • The importance of good design in driving content engagement.
  • Content generation - why it is pivotal and how to do it without an in-house content team.
  • Managing your content and how to activate it internally amongst client-facing teams.
  • Best practice in sharing content to minimise sales friction, maximise audience engagement and gather rich analytical data for optimisation.

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